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Rise from, then rise above

If you are my client, you value directness and learning. You like dark humor. You cringe at the idea of being warm and vulnerable, yet you have a willingness to go there. You came to therapy to be challenged, but with compassion and non judgement. You've likely tried a lot of things to feel better and are starting to blame yourself when the relief is temporary. 

You may not know it, but you may be looking for a translator. When someone doesn't speak our language but is trying to communicate, we rely on things like body language, behavior, tone, and facial expression to understand the message. Although we can understand a clear theme of anger if someone who does not speak our language is yelling, leaning forward, and pointing, the true message as to why they are angry and what we can do about it remains unclear. Our mental health is often a foreign language; it speaks to us via behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and body sensations, yet the why and what to do about it remains a frustrating unknown. Sometimes we even know the why and the what to do about it, but communicating the message with ourselves gets lost in translation. Let me be your translator. Whether you are a novice, fluent, or somewhere in between. I am happy you're here. 


My name is Madeline Senay, and I am a licensed clinical social worker. I work with adolescents and adults facing trauma, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, life transitions, and more. Please use this website to find out more information about who I work with, who I am, and what our work would look like together. 

"You’ve seen my descent, now watching my rising"

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