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Rise from, then rise above


My Approach 

Finding the right type of therapy can be challenging. Whenever I read about therapy,  every description seems like a magical path to healing with warm buzzwords and endless abbreviations…which one will actually work for me? My job as your therapist is not only to help decipher which therapy will best address your needs, but also to make sure the style in which I facilitate suits you. Need a humorous irreverence within the session? You got it. Need someone gentle and soft to ease you into the process? Of course. Need someone direct and blunt? Easy. In our first session, we will explore what type of therapy will address your needs AND what style you prefer in order to be the most effective.

My Story

I was born and raised in Manchester, Missouri.  I received my graduate degree in social work from the University of Michigan in 2017. Throughout my academic career, I interned and worked with various populations, such as those who are experiencing homelessness, foster care, cancer treatment, drug addiction treatment, and inpatient psychiatric treatment. Seemingly random? That was the point!  I made it a goal to explore as many populations as I could in order to learn about a diverse range of life challenges. I believe my curiosity and love of learning has helped me best address my client’s needs. 


My curiosity and love of learning led me to becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine upon completion of my graduate school program. Being a Peace Corps Volunteer was an incredible experience, especially due to the hospitality and warmth from Ukrainians. The experience also taught me tough yet valuable lessons about isolation and loneliness. Many forget that the isolation is not just geographic, but also via language and culture. Before I learned the language and assimilated, I would have many project ideas and thoughts, but my language skills were too weak to be understood and the project would face multiple cultural barriers. Feeling as though I was trapped in my own thoughts is an experience I make sure to always remember, as I have noticed it is how many of my clients feel.


When you meet me, you may notice that I often emphasize “speaking your language”. This isn’t just a colloquial phrase. The relief and joy I felt when a Ukrainian attempted to speak my language or learn about my own culture will never be forgotten. Again, I strive to remember those moments, as I believe if I strive to speak my client’s language, they will experience the same relief and joy I felt. 


In 2019 I returned from the Peace Corps and began working in private practice. If I were to explain how my experiences have helped me become a better therapist, the word "integrate" comes to mind. By integrating your language, your perspective, your culture, and your lived experience into our work together, I believe the therapy becomes a understandable, digestable, effective tool for growth. 

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